• Jimmy Buffett is an American music icon
  • He recently had to cancel his upcoming show
  • Buffett's health is currently deteriorating

His legendary career has only been matched by a single few out there. His fans are known as Parrot Heads, and sadly, there are bad news for them now, because Jimmy has cancelled his upcoming tour. The reason is how health which has recently taken a turn for the worst.

Fans are concerned about Jimmy's wellbeing 

Jimmy was forced to cancel a Saturday show in Charleston after a recent hospitalization in Boston, as he explained on Twitter Thursday. "I had a sudden change of plans this week that affected us all," said Jimmy.

Also interesting:

"Two days ago, I was just back from a trip to the Bahamas, thawing out from the California ‘winter tour,’ and chomping at the bit to get to Charleston," Jimmy said.

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