• Comedian Patrice O'Neal was one of the greatest
  • His death galvanized the golden era of comedy
  • THIS is what led to his passing

Patrice's unique approach quietly inspired some of the world's top comedians today because of things like this: In October 1992, O'Neal attended an open microphone comedy night. He heckled one of the comedians, who challenged O'Neal to perform himself at the next open mic night.

Patrice was truly in his own league

He did just that and so began his comedy career. Over the next 6 years, O'Neal became a fixture on the Boston comedy circuit. He then relocated to New York, becoming a regular at Manhattan's Comedy Cellar.

Also interesting:

After this, O'Neal moved to Los Angeles and radio, television and film projects followed. He appeared in various shows, both in acting roles and as himself...

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