Paul Hogan feels like "a kangaroo in a Russian zoo" — "I don't belong here," he said of life in the today's United States. 

The Crocodile Dundee actor, 81, shared his distaste for pandemic life and President Trump in a new podcast episode. But despite these grievances, he has a reason why he hasn't returned home to Australia: his duty as a father to 21-year-old son Chance, born to him and ex-wife Linda Kozlowski.

Paul Hogan on the pandemic and U.S. President Donald Trump

According to Daily Mail, Hogan spoke his mind on podcast Evenin' Viewers with Paul Hogan. "I can't wait for this stupid disease to go away so I can get out," he said of his desire to return home to Australia.

Hogan went on to compare Donald Trump's behaviour to "a circus" upon the president's release from hospital post-treatment for COVID-19. Further yet, he described him as a "modern day Mussolini or Caligula or something."

Paul Hogan in 2020: Son Chance keeps him in the U.S.

The Australian icon has been living in the U.S. since 2005. He had married Crocodile Dundee co-star Linda Kozlowski in 1990 and had son Chance in the late '90s. The couple divorced in 2014, but he's stayed on to look after his son.

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Paul Hogan: Son Chance with Linda Kozlowski keeps him in U.S.

"I'm here out of paternal duty because my kid is an American," Hogan said, per Daily Mail's transcription. "My kid is a 'Yaussie,' a yank Aussie, he went to school here, his friends are here, his band is here," he explained.

"Otherwise I'd pack up and move tomorrow. Once this thing is over and he's settled himself and can handle it, I'm out of here in a flash. If he came with me, I'd be out of here tomorrow."

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