Piers Morgan revealed that lockdown and his takeaway habits are starting to catch up to his waistline. Telling co-host Susanna Reid on Tuesday that he has "put on a bit of weight in lockdown."

Her response was a joke that "They call it the Covid 10." Piers also tried to put the blame on his wife Celia Walden for the extra pounds he's been putting on, suggesting that she's the bad influence on his eating habits. 

Piers Morgan Admits He's Gained Weight During Lockdown

"I wait all afternoon, and I get to about 6 o'clock, and my wife goes 'shall we have a Chinese, or get the wine out,'" he said. Piers hasn't been shy about posting on social media during the lockdown either and just last weekend, he posted a table full of Indian takeaway with him smiling in the background.

Piers has also shared many photos of him dining on fine French cheese, wine and burgers! The 55-year-old must not be too concerned about a little extra weight! If you need some fitness inspiration during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out the best fitness coaches to watch on YouTube HERE! 

For now, enjoy some more of Mr. Morgan's food and drink pictures...