While discussing what he misses the most during the coronavirus lockdown on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, Piers Morgan unintentionally offended his oldest son Spencer. Spencer took to Twitter to make his feelings clear...

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Piers Morgan Offends Son Spencer Unintentionally 

When asked what he misses the most during these times, Piers said: "We have a pub very near our house, our local and we just miss the spontaneity of being able to go and have a drink before lunch or dinner," during a chat with Dr. Hilary. 

Spencer then Tweeted a clip of that segment with the caption, "When your dad hasn’t seen you in person in nearly three months... Cheers @piersmorgan." Morgan quickly realized his mistake and apologized to his son.

"Haha, sorry son, I definitely miss you too, & look forward to seeing you again..... AFTER the pub." Spencer than Tweeted a simple "forgiven", luckily for Morgan, seeming to accept his public apology. It seems that Piers is having to apologize for a few things lately. 

On the weekend, he publicly apologized to Lady Gaga on Twitter for harsh comments about her work with the World Health Organization. Will Piers ever learn to keep his controversial comments to himself? At this rate, we think not...