• Pras Michel belonged to the famed rap group The Fugees
  • He has found guilty of conspiring with foreign agents
  • His attorney is confident in their case

In a tale that sound more like a movie, the news are still coming in. CNN reports that Michel was found guilty of 10 criminal international conspiracy counts on April 26. The Grammy-winning artist faced multiple counts of conspiring to aid "businessman Jho Low and the Chinese government" in accessing American officials, CNN reports.

Pras Michel is in the deepest of troubles now

And who exactly was Pras facilitating access to? Former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump were among those U.S. officials. And there are many more names to be revealed as well.

Also interesting:

In addition to being "found guilty of conspiracy to defraud the U.S.," the rapper was convicted of witness tampering, as CNN reports. He was also found guilty of "acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government," according to CNN...

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