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Ian Harding's wife on Pretty Little Liars doesn't become his wife until the series' final episode! The American actor, who was born September 16, 1986 on a military base in Heidelberg, West Germany, first started acting in high school and joined the cast of Pretty Little Liars in 2010.

Pretty Little Liars would become one of Ian Harding's very first roles and would launch him into the public eye. Starring in all seven seasons for a total of 124 episodes fans have fallen in love with the now 37-year-old actor! 

Ian Harding's Wife: Pretty Little Liars

Ian Harding's wife on-screen is the girl fans have always rooted for him to end up with, "Aria Montgomery" (Lucy Hale). Ian's character "Ezra Fitz" and "Aria" first fall for each other when "Ezra" becomes "Aria's" English teacher. 

Because of his position "Ezra" and "Aria's" relationship starts off in secret and continues to be a roller coaster of a relationship throughout the series seven seasons. "Ezra" and "Aria" finally get their happy ending in season seven, but while Ian may get married on-screen, the actor has never been married in real life!

Ian Harding and Sophie Hart

Ian Harding attends the Premiere Of FOX's Ford V Ferrari 2019

Ian Harding, who most recently starred in 2019 sports drama film Ford V Ferrari, does have a wife off-screen! In 2019, he married photographer Sophie Hart. They have been together since 2011. While the actor has a tumultuous love life on-screen he enjoys a quiet romance off-screen.

The couple is extremely private and is rarely photographed together. 

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