• Prince Andrew vs. King Charles has started
  • It all has to do with some property disputes
  • THIS is the scoop so far

Despite controversies and a push from the King to downsize to Frogmore Cottage, Andrew is not budging, sparking a royal row that's shaking up the monarchy. Dive into the details of this regal resistance that's more gripping than any soap opera!

The Cottage is up for dispute

In the heart of Windsor, a royal drama unfolds that's got everyone talking! Prince Andrew, embattled and estranged from public duties since his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein came to light, is now locking horns with none other than King Charles himself.

The bone of contention? A 30-room mansion that Andrew calls home.

Charles, the monarch with a mission, has been gently nudging Andrew to pack up and move to the more modest Frogmore Cottage. But Andrew? He's having none of it. Insiders whisper of the King's growing impatience and hints that he might cut the purse strings if Andrew doesn't relent. Talk about sibling rivalry!

Andrew's attachment to Royal Lodge is legendary. Having turned it into a family haven with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, the Duke is standing his ground. Friends of Andrew are rallying, saying he's prepared for a siege if that's what it takes.

But with the King's kindness wearing thin, how long can this royal resistance last?

A brother's feud is a serious thing

As the saga drags on, the atmosphere at Royal Lodge is reportedly turning frosty. With the King battling health issues and the Duchess of York facing her own health scares, the timing couldn't be worse.

Those who know the monarch have said his younger brother is testing his patience and tolerance, with life becoming "increasingly cold and uncomfortable" for Andrew the longer he digs his heels in.

A friend of Charles said: "Unfortunately, if Andrew refuses to leave within a reasonable time frame, then the King may be forced to reassess the whole package of support he provides and the duke would be required to fund the lion’s share of his security, accommodation and lifestyle costs all on his own – which, given the sums involved, is highly unlikely to be possible in the long term."

"Everyone is mindful of his well-being" and has his best interests at heart, but there are limits of patience and tolerance..."

Yes, in this game of thrones, it seems Andrew's pride might be his downfall.

If Andrew thinks he can outlast the King's patience, he might need to think again. With talks of him shouldering the financial burden of his lifestyle, the Duke might find himself in a royal pickle.

Will he see sense and move to Frogmore, or will he cling to Royal Lodge, come what may?

The property is part of the Crown Estate and was previously the Windsor residence of the Queen Mother from 1952 until her death in 2002.

A friend of the duke said: "The facts remain the facts. He’s got a long lease on Royal Lodge, the family has lived there for 20-odd years and still have 50-odd years to run on the lease."

"It’s in perfectly good repair because they spent the lion’s share of the sale of their previous house [Sunninghill Park] renovating it from top to bottom, thereby saving any draw on the public purse or the private finances of the royal family. Them’s the facts."

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As the royal family watches on, the question on everyone's lips is: how will this royal rumble end? With dignity and grace, or will Andrew be forced to make a hasty retreat?

Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure - the royal residence row is far from over!