• The Sussexes are more isolated
  • Their "last" royal friends have sided against them
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Once considered their closest allies within the royal family, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice have reportedly turned their backs on the Sussexes, opting to support Prince William amidst his wife's health struggles.

Here we delve into the latest developments, highlighting the changing dynamics and what this means for Harry and Meghan's relationship with The Firm.

Is it over now?

In a surprising turn of events, the bond between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their supposed "last friends" in the royal family, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, appears to have frayed. Despite a history of close friendship, including a visit to the Sussexes' Montecito home by Eugenie in 2022, recent actions suggest a shift in royal allegiances.

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice’s friendship with was well-known throughout the years and he has always considered them a source of strength outside of his immediate family. Specially since breaking apart from the royal palace.

The Buckingham Palace garden party was a scene of unity, but not for all. With Princess Kate undergoing cancer treatment, Eugenie and Beatrice stepped up, co-hosting the event with Prince William.

Eugenie's Instagram post following the event, expressing her delight in supporting her family, seemed to underscore a newfound closeness with William, leaving Harry and Meghan in the shadows.

As King Charles and Princess Kate face health challenges, the York sisters have embraced their increased royal responsibilities. An insider revealed to 'Woman's Day' the sisters' determination not to disappoint William, showcasing a loyalty that has seemingly edged out their relationship with the Sussexes.

"Bea and Eugenie can't imagine what William is going through right now, and it was an honour for them to give him some support. The York sisters were determined not to let him down."

The tipster also claimed that Beatrice and Eugenie are "overjoyed" to have more royal duties, with Beatrice being dubbed "flawless" in her duties.

The source said Princess Eugenie has had to prove her commitment to royal duties after she was “blacklisted” for hosting Harry and Meghan at her Portugal home last year.

However, she didn’t contact the Duke of Sussex this year when she was in L.A.

Beatrice's "flawless" execution of her duties and Eugenie's efforts to prove her commitment to the family have marked a new chapter in their royal roles.

The insider's revelation that Eugenie did not reach out to Harry during her recent L.A. trip has sparked speculation. This move, or lack thereof, is said to have confirmed Harry's fears of being cut off from his family, signaling a possible end to the cousins' once-close relationship.

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As the royal family navigates these turbulent times, the shifting dynamics underscore the complexities of royal life and relationships.

With the Sussexes on one side and the rest of The Firm on another, the divide seems to widen, leaving fans and followers watching closely to see what the future holds.