• Prince Harry has changed his residence
  • He officially lives in America now
  • HERE is why Harry made the change

In an unexpected twist, Prince Harry has officially renounced his British residency, opting for the United States as his new domicile. This revelation came to light during his participation in the Travalyst annual general meeting, amidst the royal family grappling with Kate Middleton's recent cancer diagnosis.

A Royal Revelation!

It's always such news when Harry does anything. Dive into the details of Harry's declaration, his ongoing projects, and how he's reshaping his life and commitments across the pond

Prince Harry's latest move has sent shockwaves through the royal corridors and beyond. In a daring departure from tradition, Harry has declared the United States his new official residence. This bombshell was dropped during the Travalyst organization's annual meeting, a venture Harry passionately leads to promote sustainable travel.

The timing of this transition aligns with the events in the Sussexes' life, particularly the loss of Frogmore Cottage following their eviction by the royal family.

The eviction notice, issued in January 2023, coincided closely with the publication of Harry's memoir, ‘Spare’, which included contentious allegations against the royal establishment.

In the memoir, Harry paints Queen Camilla as a villain who conspired against him in the palace gradually plotting to undermine him and scheming in a Machiavellian way.

The Duke's connection to Britain has not been simple and easy, often fraught with challenges. His feelings changed a little bit in the opposite direction later on. Although in the beginning, he had an intention to continue living in the UK, since he was worried about his family's safety, later, with the sense of belonging to the US, he resolved to live there.

The American dream

As Harry embraces his American dream, he's not without his share of controversies. The Heritage Foundation has been vocally demanding the publication of his immigration application, curious about his admitted past drug use. Despite the uproar, Harry remains unfazed, focusing on his advocacy for sustainable travel.

"Communities are the beating heart of travel," he stated, emphasizing the importance of responsible tourism.

Despite stepping back from royal duties, Harry's been anything but idle.

From filming a Netflix show on polo to speaking at a high-ticket conference for BetterUp, he's been all over the map—literally and figuratively.

His recent public appearance marks a significant moment, especially in light of the royal family's ongoing battle with Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis.

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