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Priscilla Presley (78), the ex-wife of music icon Elvis Presley, recently spoke candidly at a Q&A event. The 78-year-old commented on the rumors that she was in love with her 'Dallas' co-star Patrick Duffy (75).

Priscilla Presley comments on rumors about Patrick Duffy

"This is unbelievable, really, this is so crazy", she commented on the speculation, which she had discovered in a magazine just a day earlier, according to the 'Daily Mail'.

The rumor mill started churning after the 'Dallas' cast met for a reunion at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center. Presley emphasized that Duffy was happy with his partner Linda Purl and that their relationship was purely platonic.

"I hadn’t seen him in a long time, and it was a great reunion. Patrick told me how happy he was, and we talked to the audience and they had questions for us and that’s it," says Priscilla.

As well as clarifying the rumors surrounding Patrick Duffy, Priscilla Presley also spoke openly about her marriage to Elvis Presley. She reflected on the challenges she faced as the wife of one of the most famous men in the world.

"Every girl went after him," she recalled of her time with Elvis. Despite his infidelity and the constant temptations that Elvis' fame brought, Priscilla emphasized her enduring love and admiration for him. "He was an amazing human being,” she continued. “He had a big heart, but, unfortunately, he was Elvis Presley and every woman [and] every girl went after him. I can see being him, how he would take it," she said.

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