Alex Bowen and Olivia Buck met in the 2016 Love Island series and came in second place on the show. Love Island is usually seen as a show that messes with people's emotions and is aired to fulfill one requirement and that is to provide people watching with their daily dose of drama. It is common to see love triangles on the show and vicious confrontations when a relationship goes sour. However, Alex Bowen and Olivia Buck have proved that the show really does help people find true love.

The couple blossoming after a rocky start

The pair have been together since they coupled up on the show however even their love-filled journey was not without its dramas, as Olivia slept with fellow islander Rykard Jenkins. Nevertheless, Alex and Olivia got through their difficulties and in September 2018 got married - making them the first couple to say "I do" since Love Island began. 

Since their marriage not only their personal life has been great but also their earnings. The pair have both used their Instagram accounts for substantial personal gain with each sponsored post earning them thousands of pounds.