• Jonathan and Drew Scott are well-known home renovators
  • They came to prominence with the show Property Brothers
  • Jonathan and Drew have great life partners at their side

Jonathan and Drew Scott are an absolute dynamic duo on television. The two brothers have the best methods for turning their customers' desire to own their own dream home. Property Brothers has been on TV since 2011 and over the years the twins have become real TV stars. But they also have strong women at their side who you absolutely have to meet...

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'Property Brothers': These Are Their Women!

Jonathan Scott's finacée is no stranger to the public whatsoever. She may even be more famous than him as she is known for the popular sitcom New Girl. Zooey Deschanel, the successful actress is the beauty standing at the contractor's side. They made their love public back in October 2019, having met while filming Carpool Karaoke a few months earlier...

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