• Celebs often have connections from the start
  • Some of our favourite stars come from poverty instead
  • A few of their stories are surprising!

Breaking into Hollywood on their own 

Dolly Parton: Dolly is the fourth of eleven children, who all lived in a one-room cabin for a lot of her childhood. Her father was illiterate and her mother was always in poor health. Now, Dolly Parton is one of the most recognizable names in the music industry, as well as a philanthropist, actress and millionaire.

Adam Driver: This hunky actor was once a door-to-door vacuum salesman! Adam grew up in a working-class home in Indiana. Shortly after 9/11, he joined the United States Marine Corps. After leaving the military following an injury, he was accepted into Julliard. Adam Driver remains humble, even after being nominated for several Emmys, Oscars and a Tony award!

Jessica Chastain: This redheaded bombshell wasn't always so glamourous. She was born to teenage parents, and experienced instability and poverty throughout her childhood."I grew up with a single mother who worked very hard to put food on our table. We did not have money. There were many nights when we had to go to sleep without eating. It was a very difficult upbringing," Jessica Chastain told 'The Irish Times'. After struggling socially in high school, she went on to get accepted into Julliard. She received a scholarship funded by none other than Robin Williams!

Mila Kunis: Mila was born in what is now Ukraine, and moved to the United States when she was 9 years old. When her family immigrated, they had no money, no jobs and didn't speak English. Mila said she felt isolated for the first few years, due to language and cultural barriers.

Also Interesting:

"I blocked out second grade completely. I have no recollection of it. I always talk to my mom and my grandma about it. It was because I cried every day. I didn't understand the culture. I didn't understand the people. I didn't understand the language," Mila Kunis once told the 'Los Angeles Times'.

She obviously caught on quickly, because she landed her iconic 'That 70's Show' role when she was only 14!