• Randy Travis is getting his voice back
  • The singer is using AI to come back to the scene
  • He stopped singing after a serious stroke

It's definitely the age of technology, in an awe-inspiring blend of technology and talent, country music icon Randy Travis has made a heartwarming comeback with his latest single, "Where That Came From."

After a decade-long hiatus due to a severe stroke and battle with viral cardiomyopathy, Travis, with the aid of artificial intelligence, has once again graced the world with his soul-stirring vocals.

The Miracle of Music and Machine

Back in 2013, Travis faced a life-threatening health crisis that left him with aphasia, severely limiting his ability to speak, let alone sing. Fast forward to today, and the impossible has been achieved. Warner Music Nashville, alongside Travis and his wife Mary, embarked on an extraordinary project to bring Randy's voice back to life using cutting-edge AI technology.

"Where That Came From" isn't just any song. It's a testament to Travis' enduring legacy and the miraculous capabilities of AI in music. Crafted from a collection of Travis' vocal stems spanning his entire career, this acoustic ballad captures the essence of what made Randy a country music legend.

The emotional journey of hearing Travis' voice anew is nothing short of magical, both for him and his fans.

Cris Lacy, Warner Music Nashville co-president, approached Randy and Mary Travis and asked: "‘What if we could take Randy’s voice and recreate it using AI?,’” Mary Travis told 'The Associated Press' over Zoom last week, Randy smiling in agreement right next to her. “Well, we were all over that, so we were so excited."

"All I ever wanted since the day of a stroke was to hear that voice again."

Lacy tapped developers in London to create a proprietary AI model to begin the process. The result was two models: One with 12 vocal stems (or song samples), and another with 42 stems collected across Travis’ career — from 1985 to 2013, says Kyle Lehning, Travis’ longtime producer. 

The project, spearheaded by Warner Music's Cris Lacy and Travis' longtime producer Kyle Lehning, goes beyond mere technical achievement. It's a labor of love, aiming to preserve the authenticity and soul of Travis' voice.

The meticulous process involved selecting the perfect song and fine-tuning the AI model to reflect Randy's unique vocal style. The result? A song that's not just heard but felt.

This groundbreaking endeavor not only marks a significant milestone in Travis' career but also shines a light on the positive potential of AI in the music industry.

Amidst concerns over AI's impact on artistic integrity, "Where That Came From" serves as a powerful example of technology and humanity working hand in hand.

With the success of "Where That Came From," the door is open for more AI-assisted tracks from Travis.

The music world waits with bated breath to see what other treasures lie in store. As Randy Travis once again captures hearts with his timeless voice, it's clear that his story is far from over.

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Randy Travis' journey from silence back to the spotlight is a beacon of hope and a testament to the unbreakable human spirit. "Where That Came From" is more than a song; it's a milestone in music history, blending tradition with technology to create something truly special.