• Costa Titch is dead
  • The rapper was only 28 years old
  • He collapsed during a performance

The South African rapper Costa Titch is dead. On Saturday, the 28-year-old performed at the Ultra South Africa festival in Johannesburg.

Videos from the concert show the musician apparently tripping and falling on stage before being picked up again. Shortly thereafter he collapsed again.

Rapper Costa Titch dies at 28

The next morning, his family announced his death via Instagram: "We mourn our beloved son, brother and grandson Constantinos Tsobanoglou whom South Africa loved and adored under his stage name Costa Titch", the statement said.

Costa Titch was a star on the rap scene in South Africa. Some of his songs have millions of views on YouTube.

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Now his family is asking for time and space to process what happened and says thank you: "We are grateful for the rescuers and everyone who was present on this earth during his final hours.”

Exactly how the rapper died remains unclear. According to the British Sun he was taken to a hospital after his collapse and pronounced dead.