• Raymond Burr was a famous man
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Raymond Burr is an all-time great in the world of television. 

With Perry Mason and Ironside, Burr was a defining star of classic TV. But what was it that eventually got the crime TV actor in real life?

Raymond Burr: What killed the Perry Mason legend?

Fans will recall that Burr actually revived his Perry Mason series in a set of TV movies in the 1980s and '90s.

At that time, Burr was in his 70s! And he'd been playing "Perry Mason" for nearly 40 years. But it was while filming the final movie in 1993 that Burr fell ill.

In April 1993, Perry Mason producers told the press that their star was "seriously ill" and had retreated to his ranch in California.

Burr had recently had a malignant kidney tumour removed. But, shortly after, it was discovered the cancer had spread. Five months later, he was dead.

Raymond Burr passed away at his ranch on Sept. 12, 1993. The official cause was kidney cancer, his doctor told The New York Times. He was 76.

It was a sad and sudden conclusion for the legendary actor. He performed until just a few months before the end.

His final appearance was in 1993's Perry Mason: The Case of the Killer Kiss, which came out two months after Burr passed.

Raymond Burr's final role was this Perry Mason movie.

As for his personal life, Burr's story got more complicated after he died. It was only then that his apparently hidden homosexuality became better known.

Also Interesting:

The biography Hiding in Plain Sight later revealed Burr was in a decades-long relationship with partner Robert Benevides.

They hid their love out of fear for Burr's career in old Hollywood. But Burr and Benevides are said to have enjoyed a committed relationship for over 30 years.

Rest in peace, Raymond.