• Carson Daly is an American television personality
  • He came to prominence hosting several shows for MTV
  • This is how Daly got his start

How did it all begin for him? Carson Jones Daly was born on June 22, 1973. He is an American television and radio personality, and producer from California. Carson had a pretty normal childhood growing up in Northern California. Unfortunately his father died of cancer when he was very young.

Carson Daly reached the top with nothing but hard work

While in high school, Carson was pretty adept at playing golf and even wanted to pursue a golf career, dropping out of university later. But the bills needed to be paid, and Carson got a job as a local radio DJ in San Jose!

Also interesting:

Little did Carson know, this was to be the beginning of an incredible career in the entertainment industry. His charisma made him a local star, and television giants MTV decided to recruit him for a summer program where he would be the host...

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