After taking a hiatus due to the novel Coronavirus, Reese Witherspoon is back at work! The actress posted a tweet about her excitement that The Morning Show has been allowed to resume production!

With a report from Deadline, the 43-year-old confirmed the news and said she is happier than ever to get back at it!

Reese Witherspoon celebrates production resume

The popular Apple TV series The Morning Show is coming back! The widely acclaimed series took a small hiatus while the world hunkered down from the global COVID-19 pandemic, but Reese Witherspoon confirmed they're starting production!

Following the publication set out by Deadline, Witherspoon confirmed the news they are starting production with an excited tweet that read, "And We are Bacccckkkkk!" alongside the article.

According to the outlet, the series was in its final stages of filming the first two episodes of season 2, before having to abruptly stop from the pandemic. It is now scheduled to resume this Oct. 19, provided that there is no major outbreak in the meantime.

Alongside Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston is also set to reprise her role, however, Steve Carell is still yet to be confirmed.

When the show does return, it is said it will be up to date on all the current events, and will also cover COVID-19.

Mark Duplass, another actor for the show, told Deadline that the scripts are often re-written to reflect current events.

"I know that there are rewrites going on," he said to the publication. "They haven’t told me what they are, but I know that just as in the first season, we started production right as the #MeToo movement was coming to the forefront, and they rewrote scripts to reflect that."

"They are doing things to reflect the world right now," he added.

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