• Regina King opens up about her son's death
  • This is the first time she speaks about it
  • He son died aged 26 in 2022

Hollywood's beloved Regina King has laid her soul bare in a poignant conversation with Robin Roberts, giving us a glimpse into her world of sorrow and love. "Grief is a journey, you know?” she expressed, her voice a testament to a mother's enduring love. Ian Alexander Jr.'s passing in 2022 has reshaped King into “a different person,” a transformation no one is ever ready for.

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King bravely confronts the misconceptions surrounding depression, emphasizing that her son's battle didn't fit the expected mold. "People expect it to look a certain way," she said, a reminder that mental health struggles are as unique as the individuals facing them. Her tears are a powerful echo of the silent battles fought and the profound respect she holds for her son's difficult choice.

Anguish and acceptance: A parent's toughest battle

The Oscar winner's journey through the landscape of grief is marked by anger, guilt, and an unwavering respect for her son's journey. "I was so angry with God," King confessed, sharing the weight of watching her son's struggles. Her raw honesty about the guilt that haunts her is a stark reminder of the solitary path of a grieving parent.

Despite the depths of her pain, King chooses to honor Alexander by speaking of him in the present. She cherishes the joy and happiness he brought to their lives, a legacy that continues to shine through her grief.

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