We still remember Ethan Suplee as "Louie Lastik" alongside Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling in Remember the Titans - the actor was quite large back in 2000, which was perfect for his character but not necessarily healthy.

Now, Suplee seems close to his goal of having a six-pack, after some extensive dieting and working out over the past years. He's posted a couple of photos on Instagram recently that show him in amazing shape.

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Ethan Suplee looks RIPPED in recent Instagram post!

Suplee posted the pictures to announce he is hosting a new podcast called American Glutton. On the pod, he shares stories about all the diets he's been on in the last two decades and shares what worked for him and what made him gain all of his weight back.

The actor has gone through quite the transformation, to say the least! Suplee has previously stated that he has lost over 1000 pounds over the years of his career.

He sure is looking healthy and amazing - good on you, Ethan!