• Remember the Titans is an all-time great sports movie
  • It was a Disney film released back in 2000
  • Watch our video to see the cast today

As with most movies based on true stories, there was some dramatic licensing taken. For example, the championship game in Remember the Titans is not based on the real game that took place back in 1971.

It is based on a close mid-season game that played out just as you see in the film. The real championship game was against a different school and was a 27-0 blowout. Another departure from the true-life story of the Titans is that Garry played in the championship game and a few days later had his accident.

The Cast Of Remember The Titans: Where Are They Today?

The musical score of Remember the Titans has a legacy of its own. The music is used quite a bit in pro sports, including NBC's TV Olympic coverage. The score was also used during the 2008 Democratic National Convention and the subsequent presidential election.


Also interesting:

The movie is also known for its casting. Some of the stars in the movie, like Denzel Washington, were already known and others were just starting their careers.

Watch the video above to see what the Remember the Titans cast is doing today.