• Renée Zellweger has been awarded two Academy awards throughout her decades-long career 
  • She was on The Tonight Show where she shares how she prepares for the red carpet
  • Zellweger said she likes to feel "grounded" before big events

Renée Zellweger finds peace in the little things before attending star-studded events! The Oscar-winning actress opened up to Jimmy Fallon about her ritual before events.

Renée Zellweger walks where!?

It must be overwhelming to attend such notorious events as the Oscars, but Zellweger has a way to remain calm before attending. She revealed to Jimmy Fallon why she decides to take a stroll before the ceremony.

Renée Zellweger attends the Red Carpet Event for NBC's "The Thing About Pam" 

The TV host prompted the actress to share what she does to prepare for the events, after congratulating her for her exceptional work in the biopic, Judy, for which she won Best Actress in 2020. 

Zellweger said, "I want to be grounded when I go in. I have a couple of rituals and things that I like to do before I go. I like to walk."

She explained that it can be overwhelming when you first arrive, getting out of the limo with all the flashing lights, so she likes to "sneak in".

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She explained to Fallon, "I don't like to get in the car, the long limo ride … I don't like getting out, and it's all crazy and people screaming and stuff. So I sneak in."

In 2020, Zellweger said that she took the only available hotel room closest to the event, which happened to be half a mile away. Still, Zellweger walked her way!

"In shoes taller than this!" she said, pointing to her heels. "I don't recommend it, but it is a good exercise for keeping you grounded."