• The series The Waltons was a worldwide success in the seventies
  • Richard Thomas played "John Boy"
  • He is connected to the role even to this day

Some actors never shake off their most famous role. The Walton's star Richard Thomas is no exception to this. From 1972 to 1981 Richard Thomas portrayed "John Boy Walton" a role that made him world famous.

Richard Thomas on his The Waltons role "John Boy"

As of now, the actor is over 70 years old and the cult series The Waltons celebrates its 50th anniversary in September 2022. Richard Thomas is aware that he will always be known as "John Boy" to many, even though he has been seen in a wide variety of roles over the past decades. "I wouldn’t be surprised if the headlines will read 'John-Boy dies,' when I'm gone [...] and that is just fine with me.", says the actor in an interview with Closer.

Even though The Waltons will be 50 years old this September, the show has by no means lost its relevance: "Many fans come up and say, ‘Hey, it’s you, I grew up with you,’ as if I were a childhood friend, [...] It was a show that was so warm and so full of humanity. [...] There’s always a goodwill feeling, which makes me really happy," added Richard Thomas.

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