• Rihanna has shown off her son for the first time
  • She posed with her family for Vogue
  • THIS one detail surprises us

Things are going pretty well for Rihanna (34) at the moment. Just recently, she rocked the Super Bowl halftime show with a mega performance, and at the same time made her second pregnancy public. And now, Rihanna is proudly showing off her family on the cover of Vogue magazine!

Rihanna looks beautiful in Vogue

Rihanna's son is not even 1 year old and has already achieved what many can only dream of: being on the cover of a major magazine! With this glamorous photo shoot, Rihanna showed the world who she loves the most.

Also interesting:

A while ago, Rihanna shared a video of the little one to counteract the paparazzi crowds who were out for the first baby photo. Now the 34-year-old apparently wants to share her happiness with the whole world.

Watch the vide above to learn more!