• Robert De Niro has welcomed a child at 80
  • He has spoken to 'People' magazine about the challenges
  • De Niro shared some sweet anecdotes with fans

Hollywood's legendary tough guy, Robert De Niro, is melting hearts with his latest role: doting dad to baby Gia! The Oscar-winner recently spilled the beans to People about his "adorable" new daughter with girlfriend Tiffany Chen, and how she's the apple of his eye.

De Niro like you've never seen him


"Everything else goes away," De Niro exclaimed, revealing the pure happiness he finds in fatherhood. With a brood that spans decades, De Niro's family is his pride and joy, and having them "all be together" is what life's all about for the star.

From his first marriage to Diahnne Abbott to his twins with ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith, and his children with former wife Grace Hightower, De Niro's family tree is as star-studded as his filmography. And now, little Gia is the center of attention, charming her siblings and even her teenage nieces and nephews!

But it's not just baby news that's got De Niro in the headlines. The silver screen icon is up for another Oscar, this time for his supporting role in Scorsese's 'Killers of the Flower Moon.' While he plays it cool about his chances, he's rooting for co-star Lily Gladstone to take home the gold.

"I'm ready to take whatever life gives me," says the evergreen actor, proving that whether it's on set or in the nursery, De Niro is always in his element.

It wasn't all planned

Not long after his and Chen’s baby news broke, De Niro revealed that his partner’s pregnancy was not an unexpected one. "How could you not plan that kind of thing?" he told 'Page Six' in May 2023. 

Gia made her TV debut during a July 2023 episode of 'CBS Mornings', during which Chen, 45, told host Gayle King that the baby has made her and De Niro’s lives "more fun."

During the interview, Chen revealed that she suffered health complications following Gia’s birth, resulting in her losing facial function. Upon returning to the hospital, Chen was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, a condition in which facial muscles experience temporary weakness.

Also interesting:

The on-screen wiseguy says he tries to impart some of his hard-won wisdom to his kids. "One thing I'd say to one of my younger kids is that there are things that I remember that [my parents, De Niro Sr. and Virginia Admiral] told me that you don't forget," says the 'Goodfellas' icon. "Certain little truisms or whatever you want to call them."

"Little examples of life saying, ‘If you do this, this is what you do. Always do this, do that,’" he continues. "I say, ‘You're going to remember what I just said to you, you're not going to forget it and it'll register with you and it will make an impact and a good one,” he adds. "So that I've found myself doing [that]."