• Robert Downey Jr. is now bald
  • He had his hair shaved off for a great reason
  • Who gave him the new hairstyle?

Robert Downey Jr. (57) is unquestionably one of the biggest stars on the face of the earth. RDJ as he is known to his fans seemingly can do no wrong, and fans just can't get enough of him. But he is now sporting a new look that has caught many by surprise: a bald head!

Robert Downey Jr. can pull off any look

That's right, his perfect hair is no longer there. But who gave them his new look? Was it a famous hairdresser? No, it was his children Exton and Avri. The reason is his new project. In an Instagram video, Downey Jr. says he doesn't feel like wearing a bald wig for his new series The Sympathizer.

Also interesting:

His new character needs to have a bald head, and Downey is certainly more of a method actor. That's why the two were allowed to grab the razor and shave their father's head...

Watch the video above to learn more!