• Opinions will always differ
  • Rolling Stone magazine has published a list of the greatest ever singers
  • Fans are in total disagreement over the names 

It's never easy to please the public. Specially these days! The American music magazine Rolling Stone has compiled a ranking of the 200 greatest singers of all time. All genres of music are covered - from gospel to punk, with the list being based on favorites given by the editors and regular authors.

Rolling Stone is in a pickle now!

Soul singer Aretha Franklin is number one, closely followed by Whitney Houston and Sam Cooke. But there are other names on the list that are incomprehensible, as well some names missing from the list that are just as unbelievable!

Also interesting:

On TikTok, the hashtag "rollingstone" will show you that many are not satisfied with the list at all! For example, "My heart will go on" singer Céline Dion, isn't even on the list. Difficult to understand since she is one of the greatest voices of her generation!

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