• Does Shawn Mendes have a new girlfriend?
  • An older woman could now be the girl by his side
  • Here's why the rumors started 

For months, rumors have been circulating that Shawn Mendes (24) is dating a certain lady. The tabloids have been trying to get close, but it looks like they might not have to anymore. Her name is Dr. Jocelyne Miranda, she works as a chiropractor and is 27 years older than Shawn!

Is Shawn Mendes in love again?

It looks like the pair are going at it seriously. It's highly uncommon for famous men to date older women outside of the spotlight, but Shawn Mendes seems to want to change that.

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And now the rumors of a possible relationship are growing, because the two were together at the Grammy's afterparty. Is there really something going on between these two despite the big age difference?

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