• Harry Potter made Rupert Grint a millionaire
  • He wants to invest his fortune in his own village
  • For this plan he receives criticism

The Harry Potter saga was a huge hit in the 2000s and made the main characters not only famous but also rich. But what do you do as a young person with a fortune in the millions?

"Ron" actor Rupert Grint (34) invested his money well in 2009. He has bought a £5.4million estate. In his mid-30s, the actor has bigger plans: According to the Sun, he wants to build his own village on his property in the English county of Hertfordshire.

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has been criticized for village plans

Rupert Grint has already tried to sell the 18th-century estate in 2018 - without success. Now he is said to have applied for a building permit.

According to his application, six luxury apartments, five single-family houses, and four terraced homes are to be built on the 22-hectare property. There will also be a planned pond, outdoor pool, gymnasium, tennis courts and walled gardens.

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The residents of the rural area are anything but enthusiastic about the plan of their famous neighbor. They fear that the narrow, single-lane streets will create chaos and that the beautiful views from the surrounding houses will be ruined.

They also criticize the fact that around 50 trees would have to be cut down and that habitat for animals would be destroyed. Since the clearly negative reactions of local residents, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has not yet commented.