• Ryan Gosling starred in "Ken" in the 'Barbie' movie
  • He performed his song "I'm Just Ken" at the Oscars'
  • It was a huge hit

Ken's Dreamhouse Rocks the Oscars!

It was a night to remember at the 2024 Oscars when Ryan Gosling (43, Actor) channeled his inner plastic fantastic and brought down the house with "I'm Just Ken" from the blockbuster 'Barbie'! The audience was in stitches as Gosling, decked in a hot pink suit that screamed fashion icon, crooned the nominated hit with a wink and a nudge that had even the stars starstruck!

Blond Ambition Hits the High Notes!

Starting his serenade from among the glitterati, Gosling had Margot Robbie and Billie Eilish fighting back laughter with his heartfelt yet playful performance. "Is it my destiny to live and die a life of blonde fragility?" he belted, sending the Dolby Theatre into a frenzy of cheers and applause. Talk about stealing the spotlight!

Soundtrack Showdown!

"I'm Just Ken" is up against some heavy hitters for Best Original Song, including Billie Eilish's soulful "What Was I Made For?" and Jon Batiste's stirring "It Never Went Away." It was ultimately Billie Eilish who took home the Oscar for Best Original Song!

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