• Ryan Gosling has one request for Ryan Reynolds
  • After 'Deadpool & Wolverine' shirt appearance 
  • Gosling's face is all over the shirt
At the premiere of 'The Fall Guy' in Hollywood, Gosling couldn't help but comment on Reynolds flaunting a shirt with Gosling's face in the recent 'Deadpool & Wolverine' teaser. "I mean, I just want my shirt back," Gosling quipped. "He borrowed that shirt from me and I need it back." The jest between the two Ryans adds a layer of humor to their already admired camaraderie.

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Daring stunts and loving tributes

While awaiting the return of his beloved shirt, Gosling is all in for promoting 'The Fall Guy,' alongside Emily Blunt. Amidst the action and comedy, Gosling's stunts have his wife, Eva Mendes, biting her nails. Yet, Gosling assures, "We have the best team... I trusted them completely." His commitment is palpable, even resorting to sunglasses to mask his fear during a particularly harrowing stunt!

Los Angeles Premiere Of Universal Pictures "The Fall Guy" - Arrivals

In a heartwarming turn, Gosling also uses the spotlight to honor Mendes, donning a cream T-shirt promoting her upcoming children's book, 'Desi, Mami, and the Never-Ending Worries.' This gesture underscores Gosling's support for Mendes' work, reflecting their deep bond and shared commitment to family.

Family first: A star's true north

Gosling's admiration for Mendes doesn't stop at sartorial support. Calling her his "hero" in a recent 'Men's Health' interview, he shares, "It always comes back to family first." This sentiment echoes through Gosling's actions and words, highlighting a star whose priorities are firmly rooted in love and family.

As 'The Fall Guy' gears up for its big screen debut on May 3, the buzz around Gosling – from his playful banter with Reynolds to his daring stunts and heartfelt tributes – paints a picture of a star who can juggle the demands of Hollywood with the joys and challenges of family life.

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