Chris Pratt Will Return To TV With New Amazon Series 'The Terminal List'

The 'Parks & Rec' star is back on the small screen

Chris Pratt Will Return To TV With New Amazon Series

A match made in bro heaven!

Ryan Reynolds is getting candid about his love and respect for Dwayne Johnson. The two have been pals for 15 years, and are currently working on the film Red Notice.

On Tuesday night, Reynolds spoke on the home version of The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon about what it's like to be on set with his best pal.

"We made it about 1 or 2 days past the halfway point line. I'm guessing we might've finished the movie if we didn't spend 90 percent of the time dicking around, laughing," Reynolds said.

"I've known Dwayne for like 15 years. So, we tend to spend time trying to make each other laugh, which is a really irresponsible thing to do with Netflix, their money," he continued.


"I think one of the reasons I’ve been friends with him for a long time is he really laughs at himself, which is one of the things I love about him," Reynolds revealed about the buff actor.

"So if you kind of parrot back [his lines] just 27 percent faster with a swear word at the end, he’s gone. He leaves the room and he never comes back." Reynolds then hilariously demonstrated.

Last week, 'The Rock' was wished well on Reynold's Instagram for his birthday. The film is set to resume production when quarantine restrictions are lifted, and will also feature actress Gal Gadot.