Not only was Melissa Joan Hart's character one of our favourites on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, in fact, we all loved the fabulous "Salem Saberhagen" and most definitely related to him on more than one occasion!

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If you need a quick refresher, "Salem" was a former witch sentenced to spend 100 years as a cat as a punishment for trying to take over the world. In the series, the cat lives with "Sabrina Spellman," and her aunts "Zelda" (Beth Broderick) and "Hilda" (Caroline Rhea).

Who is the voice behind "Salem Saberhagen"?

The wonderful Nick Bakay is the one who delighted us as the voice of the hilarious and sarcastic cat! The American actor, comedian and also sportscaster voiced "Salem" from 1996 to 2003.

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Apart from his voice work in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Nick Bakay's credits include other fantastic series like Seinfeld, That '70s Show, The King of Queens, and most recently Mom, not only doing voice work but also acting. Did you know he also wrote one episode of Young Sheldon?

Five quick facts about Nick Bakay aka "Salem"

  • He was born on October 8, 1959, in Buffalo, New York
  • Nick Bakay is passionate about sports and writes a weekly column for
  • He met his wife Robin while working at Comedy Central. They tied the knot in 1994!
  • He voiced several "Salem" appearances in other shows like Boy Meets World
  • Nick Bakay graduated from the Professional Acting Program at SMU in Dallas, Texas with a Master of Fine Arts

Watch Nick Bakay voicing "Salem" here:

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