• Jennifer Garner mourns the loss of her beloved father
  • She shares moving tribute on Instagram
  • Her dad was 85

In an outpouring of love and nostalgia, Jennifer Garner took to social media to announce the peaceful passing of her father, William John Garner, at the grand age of 85. The '13 Going on 30' star shared a moving collage of memories, capturing the essence of a man who was not just a father but a pillar of strength and kindness.

Sad news:

Garner's tender words painted a picture of a family gathered, voices lifted in 'Amazing Grace', as they bid farewell to their patriarch. "Did we carry him across or scare him away – valid question," she joked with the warmth of someone who knows laughter through tears is the heart's own language.

Gratitude in Grief: Jennifer Garner's tribute to her beloved father

While acknowledging the inevitable grief, Garner chose to focus on gratitude for the life her father led. "Today is for gratitude," she affirmed, celebrating his "gentle demeanor, quiet strength," and the indelible mark he left as a "girl dad" par excellence.

The tribute didn't end with family anecdotes. Garner extended her thanks to the medical teams that cared for her father, highlighting the cherished moments they enabled – from boating adventures to family gatherings.

Garner's touching post resonated with friends and fans alike, drawing support from stars like Ali Wentworth, Kelly Ripa, and Julianne Hough. The outpouring of love is a testament to the impact William John Garner had, not just on his family, but on all who knew him.

The Garner family's unbreakable bond

The closeness of the Garner clan shone through, with Jennifer and her sisters, Melissa and Susannah, sharing an unbreakable bond, a reflection of their father's love. The legacy continues with Jennifer's three children, whom William cherished as his grandchildren.

As the Garner family navigates this loss, they do so with the support of a community that extends far beyond Hollywood's glitz. For today, we join Jennifer Garner in gratitude for the life of William John Garner, a man who taught us the power of a quiet strength and a loving heart.

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