• 'Law & Order' is one of TV's longest running hits
  • Sam Waterston has famously played "Jack McCoy"
  • He will finally be leaving the show after hundreds of episodes

In a dramatic final episode, McCoy secures a challenging victory and makes a surprising exit, leaving fans in awe and anticipation of what's next for the beloved character and actor.

There's nobody like Sam

The courthouse doors have closed behind him, folks! In a twist that's got everyone talking, Sam Waterston, the legal eagle of 'Law & Order,' has taken his final bow as the unflappable District Attorney "Jack McCoy". After a whopping 400+ episodes, Waterston's McCoy faced off in the courtroom one last time, and boy, did he leave with a bang!

In true "McCoy" fashion, his swan song involved taking down a tech tycoon with friends in sky-high places. But it wasn't just any case – it was a battle that put "McCoy" at odds with the city's top brass.

When the mayor threw down the gauntlet, threatening careers left and right, "McCoy" didn't flinch. He charged ahead, securing a guilty verdict that would make any DA proud.

But here's the kicker: "McCoy" didn't stick around for the fallout. In a move that had us all gasping, he chose to step down, leaving the battlefield on his own terms.

"It's time. It just is," he declared, passing the torch to a fresh face with integrity, played by none other than Tony Goldwyn.

Waterston's parting words to his fans were nothing short of heartfelt. "I'm just too curious about what's next," he shared, stirring up a mix of sadness and excitement for his loyal followers.

Since his debut in 1994, Waterston has become a staple of the 'Law & Order' universe, and his departure marks the end of an unforgettable chapter.

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As "McCoy" strolled away from the courthouse, alone under the night sky, we couldn't help but feel the weight of his legacy. What a ride it's been, indeed.

Stay tuned, Waterston aficionados! The curtain may have closed on "McCoy", but something tells us this isn't the last we'll see of the venerable Sam Waterston.

Until then, we'll be here, reminiscing about the courtroom dramas and waiting eagerly for his next act.