Sandra Bullock has changed a lot in the past years, at least in career terms. In the beginning of her professional career she mainly appeared in romantic comedies, but she has recently worked in drama films. However, it seems that the actress' appearance has not changed a lot, in fact she has barely aged and still looks like she looked when she was younger!

Sandra Bullock is one of the richest actresses in the world

The 55-year-old became a superstar in the United States a couple of years ago. Apart from playing major roles in numerous romantic comedies, she became one of Hollywood's best paid actresses. However, it is also true that she struggled with some failures when she first started her acting career. 

After she completed her acting education in New York, she moved to Los Angeles, where she took on small film and television roles. She had her first leading role in the series Working Girl in 1990, which was discontinued after a short time. Afterwards Sandra Bullock, who has German roots, had small supporting roles in numerous movies until she made her major breakthrough with Speed.

Sandra Bullock's career has only reached high peaks

Fun fact is that Sandra Bullock reportedly pretended to be younger a couple of times. When she auditioned for the movie Love Potion No. 9  she said that she was 29 years old, but she was actually a bit older. Nevertheless she got the role! When she was younger she was also a bit shy and seemed to be more reserved, but that is something that has changed over the years!

Sandra Bullock appeared in numerous films until 2007, when she took a break. But two years later she returned as part of the main cast of The Proposal, and in the same year, 2009 she appeared in The Blind Sidewhich earned her two Academy Awards; however, 2013 was one of the most important years in her career, when she appeared in The Heat and Gravity.

What has Sandra Bullock done recently?

In 2018 Sandra Bullock appeared in the Netflix movie Bird Boxwhich is a clear proof that the actress still looks almost exactly the same as she looked when she started her career. If we look at one of her pictures from the 1990's and compare it with a current one, we bet it will be difficult to tell the differences between both images!

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