• Sarah Jessica Parker delights her fans at a film premiere
  • She has her two daughters with her on the red carpet
  • That's how much the teenage twins resemble their mother

What a great trio! Sarah Jessica Parker (57) appeared at the film premiere of Hocus Pocus 2 in New York City, accompanied by her two daughters Marion Loretta Elwell (13) and Tabitha Hodge (13). Husband Matthew Broderick (60) was also there.

Sarah Jessica Parker: She poses with her daughters on the red carpet

Of course, Sarah Jessica Parker's family dressed up for the special event. The girls pose for the photographers in pretty outfits and with glamorous styling.

It is striking how grown up the twins have become. The two are now really cool teenagers, especially daughter Loretta who looks more and more like Sarah Jessica Parker. She looks like a mini-me of her celebrity parents.

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It's a rare sight to see the twins posing with their mom on the red carpet. The Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker usually appears in public without her family.

Seeing the family together makes for a lovely sight.