• Human attractiveness is based on science
  • According to a plastic surgeon
  • These are the top ten most beautiful male celebs

Plastic surgeon Dr. Julia De Silva has examined male celebrities according to the golden ratio and created a top 10 of the most beautiful VIPs.

The Most Beautiful Male Celebs Top 10

  • 10th Place Dwayne Johnson, Symmetry: 86,07%.
  • 9th Place Henry Golding, Symmetry: 87,98%.
  • 8th Place George Clooney, Symmetry: 89,91%.
  • 7th Place Chris Evans, Symmetry: 91,90%.
  • 6th Place Robert Pattinson, Symmetry: 92,15%.
  • 5th Place Jude Bellingham, Symmetry: 92,22%.

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