• Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin got engaged
  • According to a close source to the couple
  • This happened years ago

The cat's out of the bag, folks! Chris Martin, the heartthrob frontman of Coldplay, and Dakota Johnson, the sizzling star of Madame Web, have been keeping a juicy secret under wraps. They've been engaged for years! Yes, you read that right – years! A little birdie close to the couple spilled the beans to 'PEOPLE,' and we're all about it.

Love is in the air:

Remember December 2020, when Dakota was spotted with a blingy emerald ring on that finger? Everyone was buzzing, but the lovebirds played coy. Fast forward to her 34th birthday bash and a swanky event in November, and the sparkler was front and center. But hold up – she went ringless for her 'SNL' hosting gig. Dakota, you're such a tease!

Love rollercoaster: The ups and downs!

It hasn't all been rainbows and butterflies for this duo. A source dished that their relationship had its fair share of "ups and downs." But hey, what great love story doesn't?

Even Dakota's dad, the suave Don Johnson, was put on the spot about the engagement rumors. His response? A classic dad deflection, but he did let slip that he's ready for some grandbabies if wedding bells ring. Too cute, Don!

From sushi dates to malibu sunsets

These two have been turning heads since they were first snapped on a sushi date back in 2017. They've kept it low-key with cozy beach walks in Malibu and sneaky appearances at fashion events. But in 2021, they shacked up in a Malibu love nest, and Dakota gushed about their "cozy" life to 'Elle.' We're not crying, you're crying!


Friendly exes: Gwyneth's seal of approval!

And what about Chris's ex, the Goop queen Gwyneth Paltrow? She's all in! During an Instagram Q&A, Gwynnie called Dakota "adorable" and a "wonderful person." Talk about modern family goals!

Stay tuned for more A-list love stories!

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