• Mark Harmon is a famous actor
  • He starred in NCIS for many years
  • Learn some secrets about him

Some actors in Hollywood can be found on both the big and small screen. For Harmon, most of his success has come from being on the TV screen. Not only does he act but he has dabbled in directing for television and is the executive producer of NCIS.

The Man Behind "Leroy Jethro Gibbs" Mark Harmon

It was a small role in The West Wing that earned Harmon his second Emmy nomination and caught the attention of the creator of JAG. After a guest-starring role in that TV series, a spin-off was undertaken and that was NCIS. That show in turn let to two additional spin-off series so you never know what one small performance can do to your career and the careers of others. Watch the video above to learn some fun facts about NCIS star Mark Harmon.

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