• Selena Gomez has her own documentary titled Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me
  • In it, she speaks openly about her depression
  • She is "grateful to be alive"

Selena Gomez has been standing by her mental illnesses for years. Now, in her documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, she continues to speak openly about what it's like deep inside her mind.

Selena Gomez: "I am grateful to be alive"

It has long been known that the singer suffers from the autoimmune disease lupus, which has also caused her depression and panic disorders. In 2020, Gomez also revealed that she has bipolar disorder.

"No one cares about what you're doing, it's about who I am – being okay with where I am. I am grateful to be alive," says Justin Bieber's ex in her Apple TV+ documentary.

Her early successful career is also an important aspect of her mental health. She was not always able to enjoy her success. At times, she even had the feeling of "not being enough". 

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Today, she doesn't want to be a celebrity, however, she stays in the public eye "to help others". For Selena Gomez, who has only begun to address her mental health in recent years, it's clear that "this is just the beginning" for her.

Selena Gomez's documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me launches on November 4 on Apple TV+.