• Chelsea Lazkani is the newest cast member of Selling Sunset
  • She was on a podcast and shared some behind-the-scenes details
  • She alleges some bad behaviour from Davina Potratz

If you thought watching Selling Sunset was just about the real estate market in one of the world's most famous neighbourhoods, you'd be wrong! It's all about the drama, and Chelsea Lazkani, the newest cast member to join the bevy of fashionistas, is here to spill the deets! 

Chelsea Lazkani shares more on her fight with Davina

One of the most dramatic scenes to come out of season five belongs to Davina Potratz and Chelsea Lazkani. The two sat down in some very expensive clothing to discuss some drama between the ladies (what else is there to talk about!?). In the scene, most viewers agree that Lazkani took things a little too far, but now she's revealing there's a reason why she got so heated!

'Selling Sunset': Chelsea Lazkani Throws Major Behind-The-Scene Allegation!

According to Lazkani, when the cameras weren't rolling, Potratz said some things that really irked her. Speaking on the podcast People Every Day, Lazkani revealed it all!

"There were things said off-camera and before we shot that really affected my mental state," she said. "There were some microaggressions thrown out, and watching the show back, I realized that I was very much harbouring that state of frustration."

For those that may not be familiar with the term, "microaggressions" is a word used to describe subtle prejudices people may hold toward marginalized groups of people. Sharing this allegation about Potratz is some major tea!

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However, Lazkani shares that despite this drama, she's managed to become close with most of her castmates, even if she doesn't see that potential for Potratz.

"I have the utmost respect for Davina and all of my castmates, truly, but I also believe that we can have different values and different core systems that may not align," she said, before going on to say that viewers at home didn't get to truly see her relationships form with the other ladies.

"What you didn’t see on camera is my relationship with a lot of the other girls had started to evolve very early on," she said. "I have many relationships at the O Group, not just Christine."

Additionally, she also adds that she is upset at the news that Jason Oppenheim revealed in the recently filmed reunion, sharing that Christine Quinn won't be returning to the brokerage any time soon.

"I love her to pieces and her not being at the O Group obviously saddens me," she said.

How much longer until season 6? We need more!