• 'Selling Sunset' Amanza Smith didn't have it easy
  • She was in terrible, mysterious pain
  • This is what happened

'Selling Sunset' star Amanza Smith speaks candidly about a bad time in her life. The beautiful brunette came close to dying.

'Selling Sunset'-Amanza Smith: "I bit my pillows in pain"

'Selling Sunset' Amanza Smith has been diagnosed with osteomyelitis after several suspicions. "I couldn't perform because of the pain, I could hardly walk. At first I thought, 'Okay, you're old now'," Amanza recalled in an interview with 'People'.

Despite medication, the pain persisted: "I could no longer sit on my couch and could barely hold my upper body up. I screamed and bit my pillows in pain. I had never had such pain in my life," Amanza says.

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She is referred to specialists who find bacteria in her blood that have affected her bones and spine. The osteomyelitis could have led to death without treatment.

"If I had come only two days later, I would have died," the "Selling Sunset" star tells us.