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'Sex and the City': Where Is "Richard" Today?

Sex and the City "Richard" Today

Sex and the City "Richard" was "Samantha's" perfect match, or so it seemed. Both confident, successful, and uninterested in relationships the pair hit it off right away. Played by actor James Remar, find out what Sex and the City's "Richard" is up to today here!

Sex and the City's "Richard Wright", played by actor James Remar, was "Samantha Jones's" dream man. A powerful, wealthy, and attractive hotel magnate, "Samantha" was drawn to "Richard" both professionally and personally. 

However, "Samantha" wouldn't have an easy time landing her client or dream man. "Richard" hadn't gotten to where he was by playing nice and had quite the chauvinistic business attitude. "Samantha's" confidence would win him over in the end and lead to their personal relationship as well.

Sex and the City "Richard"

James Remar and Kim Cattrall Sex and the City 

Sex and the City "Richard" and "Samantha" (played by Kim Cattrall) had a lot in common, the most important being their disinterest in serious relationships. While they both enjoyed sleeping around, this common trait would ironically lead them into a more monogamous relationship. 

Given their natural inclinations, however, it wasn't surprising when "Richard" found he couldn't commit fully and cheated on "Samantha". "Samantha" was understanding and forgave him for the indiscretion but ultimately found that she couldn't trust him anymore. 

Sex and the City "Richard" Today

James Remar attends the 57th New York Film Festival 2019

While "Richard" may have only stuck around for a short while, James Remar who plays the handsome flirt is still very much active in other on-screen roles. In fact, you may also recognize him as "Harry Morgan" on the hit crime drama Dexter.

Our silver fox may have had a hard time committing on-screen but off-screen, James Remar has been happily married to his wife Atsuko for years and the happy couple share two children together. Most recently, you will catch Sex and the City's "Richard" starring in crime drama City on a Hill as well as in the 2020 film Dead Reckoning