"Aidan" Sex and the City first made his appearance in season 3 of the series. "Aidan" is "Carrie's" (Sarah Jessica Parker) perfect man and will do anything for her. However, in what becomes one of the first television shows to portray a woman cheating on a man completely aware of what she is doing is wrong, "Carrie" cheats on him with "Mr. Big" (Chris Noth). 

While "Aidan" may have been left heart-broken on the series, real-life "Aidan" actor, John Corbett, has found his soul mate in real life.

"Aidan" Sex and the City

¡El ex de Carrie! ¿Regresará Aidan a 'And Just Like That...'?

"Aidan" from Sex and the City is the man we would all love to date- tall, dark, handsome, and all-around a good guy! A builder by trade, "Aidan" makes furniture for a living and eventually opens his own bar with "Miranda's" (Cynthia Nixon) love-interest "Steve Brady" (David Eigenberg).

"Aidan" and "Carrie" seem to be the perfect couple, that is until "Carrie" cheats on "Aidan" with none other than "Mr. Big"! Devastated and heart-broken, "Aidan" and "Carrie" break-up and we don't see "Aidan" again until season 4 when "Aidan" comes back into "Carrie's" life and proposes to her! 

While "Aidan" and "Carrie" eventually break-up for a final time do to "Carrie's" inability to commit to him, "Aidan" eventually moves on with another woman and has three children. 

John Corbett Today

Today you can catch John Corbett starring in a number of films including:

  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before as "Dr. Dan Covey"
  • The Silence as "Glenn"
  • 47 Meters Down: Uncaged as "Grant"
John Corbett and Bo Derek atttend the 2019 WildAid Gala

When he's not busy acting you will find John spending time with his real-life soul mate and John has definitely had much better luck with his off-screen love life!

The now 59-year-old actor has been in a serious relationship with his partner, television actress and widow Bo Derek since 2002. While the couple has no plans to get married, they are inseparable and make the perfect match! Make sure to check out what the other stars of the show are doing now after reading more about "Aidan" Sex and the City