Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne appeared on Good Morning Britain today to talk with host Piers Morgan about Ozzy's Parkinson's diagnosis as well as his terrifying fall that ultimately led to the rocker being diagnosed with the disease.

Sharon Osbourne: "He went bang and was just laying there, white as a sheet..."

Ozzy tells the story as follows: "When I fell on the floor, I remember thinking, 'You’ve done it now Ozzy.' I said to Sharon, 'Can you phone an ambulance, I think I’ve broken my neck?' She was up and out of that bed like a flash - running and screaming around the house."

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Sharon added: "I saw it happen in slow motion. He'd like gone down, didn’t put his arms out to break the fall. He went bang and was just laying there, white as a sheet, his blood pressure was through the roof."

Sharon Osbourne: "He's going to go..."

And that was the moment that really convinced her she would lose her husband: "I'm just like, 'He's going to go, I know he's going to go, I'm going to lose him.'"

But the Black Sabbath frontman has no intention of quitting and keeps exercising as well as seeking special treatment for his immune system in Switzerland. He is a performer and has one specific goal in mind: "I desire to get back on stage… that's what I live for."

Get well soon, Ozzy!

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