• Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello broke up last year
  • Shawn's love life had been very quiet up until now
  • It looks like he has a new love interest

It can't be easy to find true love in Hollywood. Specially when your name is Shawn Mendes and the eyes of the world are watching your every move. After his very public relationship with Camila Cabello, and of course, the very public breakup, it seemed that Shawn's love life might have gone on hiatus.

Is Shawn Mendes on the rebound?

What to do after a breakup? It's never an easy questions to answer. While Camila was spotted with her new boyfriend back in August, Shawn Mendes hadn't been seen with anyone for a long time. But now the "It'll Be Okay" singer seems to have a new woman by his side.

Also interesting:

As the Daily Mail reports, he is said to have met his chiropractor Jocelyne Miranda for lunch. The two have been spotted in public getting a little cozy with each other. Sounds like a nice, easy and uncomplicated love story right? But there is quite a catch involved here...

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