• Miley Cyrus is an American superstar
  • She has been in the spotlight since she was young
  • Miley no longer wants to tour on stage

After more than a decade in the spotlight, starting with her 'Hannah Montana' days, Miley wants to change things up in her career going forward for good. During a recently published interview with 'British Vogue', Cyrus talked touring and coming back to the stage, saying this:

Miley is not the same girl she was

"After the last show I did [in 2014], I kind of looked at it as more of a question. And I can’t. Not only ‘can’t’ because can’t is your capability, but my desire. Do I want to live my life for anyone else’s pleasure or fulfilment other than my own?," Miley said.

Also interesting:

It seems Miley is reaching certain milestones in her life that will require some changes! "Singing for hundreds of thousands of people isn’t really the thing that I love. There’s no connection. There’s no safety," Miley said...

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