• Oscar Night can be controversial
  • Jonathan Glazer's acceptance speech has sparked outrage
  • THIS is the scoop on the controversy

Hollywood's biggest night took a controversial turn when Jonathan Glazer, the director of the Oscar-winning film 'The Zone of Interest,' used his acceptance speech to draw parallels between the Holocaust and the Gaza conflict. The speech, which was met with both applause and shock, has since sparked a heated debate across the globe.

Survivor's Anguish: A Letter of Condemnation

David Schaecter (94), a Holocaust survivor and president of the Holocaust Survivors’ Foundation USA, expressed his distress in an open letter.

"Your comments were factually inaccurate and morally indefensible," he wrote, slamming Glazer for his divisive words at the Oscars. Schaecter, who endured the horrors of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, accused Glazer of using the Holocaust as a platform to criticize Israel, a move he deemed disgraceful.

The reaction to Glazer's speech was swift and polarized. While some praised his call for a ceasefire, others, including pro-Israel and Jewish figures, condemned his remarks. Schaecter's letter emphasizes the Jewish people's historical connection to Israel, separate from the tragedy of the Holocaust.

Allison Josephs, founder of Jew in the City, criticized Glazer for perpetuating a narrative that minimizes Jewish suffering and history. The Combat Antisemitism Movement's CEO, Sacha Roytman, also weighed in, lamenting Glazer's missed opportunity to celebrate Jewish resilience.

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Despite the controversy, Glazer's Oscar speech remains accessible online, with ABC holding exclusive rights. The Academy will be able to share the clip after a 30-day agreement window.